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PRF (Platelat Rich Fibrin) was first developed in 2002 by dr. Joseph Choukroun and Dr. Schleicher.
The method was developed in order to promote healing of the soft tissue with an autologous semi-membrane substance which uses the potential of the patient's own white cells and inflammatory cascade.
Further research was made by 2013 and the A-PRF method was developed.
A-PRF protocol allows producing better quality with more growing factors and greater amount of VEGF, BMP-2 and BMP-7.
By 2015 the popularity of a the A-PRF method was reaching a peak and the i-PRF (injectable-PRF) was developed in order to make these qualities injectable.

The course discusses about:

• Growth factors biology and Physiology, mechanisms of action of A-PRF.
• How to manage A-PRF as a matrix in soft tissue management: the protocols, clinical research in bone augmentation etc.
• The use of A-PRF & i-PRF with biomaterials: what kind of biomaterials you should use with A-PRF, the clinical results, bone reconstruction.
• Which factors antagonize A-PRF: vitamin D level, cholesterol, contamination, pressure, tension - solutions and protocols.
• Pain management in oral surgery: how to reduce and prevent allergic reaction, smoking failures, contamination and infectious ‏complications in oral surgery, etc.
• Phlebotomy technique: be able to draw blood by yourself from you patient – Hands on.

A-PRF liquid
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