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This form is to sign up for a litter that is expected and is POSTED on our web site. If you do not see what you are looking for on the expected litters fill check the box on the form as to what you are looking for and your information, then check the box at the bottom of the page to have me give you a call. We do have puppies pretty much year round. One thing to remember that from the day we breed a female till the day they go home is almost exactly 4 months (Example a dog bred January 1st would go home about April 1st ).

A deposit of $300 is required to hold your place on an expected litter. Once you are listed on an expected litter I will hold your spot for 6 days to give your deposit time to reach us. Forms of payment we except for deposit are personal check, Visa, Master card, Discover or Pay Pal (please add 4% to deposit when using charge cards or Pay Pal which makes it $312 for deposit). Our Pay Pal account is just our email ( We do not cash or run your card until the litter is born and you pick something. If there is nothing in the litter when born then you have the choice or moving to another litter that is expected or just have me put void on your check and return it, shred your card # or refund you Pay Pal payment. Please if using a charge card call us with the # as we do not have a secure site.

Price on all puppies includes spay, neuter and microchip as well as a 2 year total genetic guarantee

Please put X in the box for breed and size you are looking for. (Sizes given below are our best estimate from the sizes of the parents. We try to come as close as possible but in the end, Mother Nature always has the final say!) *
Name of expectant parents if already on web site
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Name of female that we chatted about that is NOT on web site yet
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Check here if you would like us to call you about upcoming litters that are not on site.
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