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Securing An Interview - Strategies and Tips
I got a thank you note from someone who I briefly helped prepare for an internship on-site interview at Salesforce. It meant a lot to me and got me thinking about my time at Columbia University and how getting an interview proved to be a herculean task.

Back then, cold-messaging on LinkedIn was the norm. Maybe it still is. But in the past one year, I also noticed other, more effective, ways to secure an interview. I'm sure you did too. I'm writing a guide/article on the various ways students can *secure* that first interview with a company - ranging from startups to monoliths. And I need your help. Please fill in this form with your company details and strategies you followed. If I need more clarification, I will follow up with you!

Thank you so, so much :)
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How did you get your first interview at your company? *
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I'm NOT looking for # years out of school. Rather, select the # years you have been in your current role/position.
What is a good strategy that very few people follow but you wish more did? *
For e.g.: I've noticed that the medium through which you approach people matters a lot. Instead of asking for help via LinkedIn, if I do the same in a Women in Product group, the response is more natural.
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