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[RoE] Appeal Form
Use this form to appeal any decision the RoE staff has made, including bans, or rulings on a situation/scene.

*You may also use this form to report players anonymously for any type of violation that you feel requires investigation, including theme or avatar violations. Please note that even though this form collects your name or email, it will not be shared with anyone, admins take a strict vow to uphold player privacy.

*It can take up to 1 week for staff to receive appeal requests, and we will not reveal any punishments, names, or intimate details of any case to anyone to protect the privacy of others, even if it appears we have done nothing at all. We will only share the conclusion of a personal case, such as a ban appeal, or other private details with those who who have a right to that information.

* Please note: The entire admin council will see and vote on this, unless a staff member is involved, if a staff member is involved; he or she may not take part on the voting, in order to remove the possibility of bias.
Full SL name (Not display name) *
Full SL name of Accused (if applicable)
What characters does this concern (if applicable)
Date of incident *
Where did this occur? *
What are you appealing/reporting ? *
Why are you appealing/reporting this? *
Describe what happened. *
Why do you think this happened? *
Post any relevant links to pictures, logs, audio, or evidence you have to support your case. *
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