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I declare that I have answered this form fully, and have detailed any health concerns I may have, as this affects my program and the nature of how the program is delivered, ie, intensity. While workout environments are safe, I will further mitigate against injury by absorbing the lessons of form, technique and diet. The world is big and full of potential hazards, such as kerbs, mountains, trees, wet grass and other trip hazards, of which all the hazards can be mitigated by looking where I'm going. ... I accept personal responsibility for my own wellbeing by applying a sense of self-preservation, i.e., if I'm not happy with something ranging from a single movement through to an entire section of a workout, then I will speak out and opt out of that specific movement or activity, for which an alternative will be presented. By ticking YES, I accept these common sense terms and choose to start my fitness program through The Raw Gym.
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