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Do you struggle with Time Anxiety? Tell me more!
I've been researching this concept first for my own interest (it's a real problem for me!) and also because my early posts on the subject produced a ton of responses from readers.

Please be as descriptive as possible, and if I left something out, let me know at the bottom. Unless we discuss otherwise, your contact info will remain private. Any information from this survey will be shared anonymously.

Thank you so much!

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Which of these statements do you identify with?
In 1-2 sentences, what is your *biggest* struggle with time anxiety? What bothers you the most? *
Can you share an example of a recent situation where you felt this acutely?
On a scale of 1-10, how much of a problem is this for you?
It's all good
It's way out of control
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When you experience time anxiety (or any of the worries listed above), how does it make you feel?
Do you identify with any of these traits or conditions?
What prevents you from doing more of what matters to you?
What (if anything) has helped with this problem in the past?
What frustrates you about any productivity or time management advice you've heard?
How do you decide what to do every day?
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Do you use any systems to keep up with ideas, notes, and other information that you want to remember? Select all that apply.
When you get overwhelmed or stuck, how do you tend to respond?
Anything else you’d like to share?
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