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Penny Road Elementary- School Improvement Parent Survey
Please select the current grade for your child/children at Penny Road.
I feel welcome at Penny Road.
Overall, I am informed about my child's/children's progress.
Overall, I know what teachers expect of my child/children.
My child is safe at school.
My child is safe going to and from school on the bus.
My child is safe during morning and afternoon carpool.
The teachers at Penny Road show respect for all students.
I respect the principal at Penny Road.
Penny Road succeeds at preparing children for future work.
Penny Road has a good public image.
I support my child's/children's learning at home.
The students at Penny Road show respect for other students.
Penny Road meets the academic needs of students.
Penny Road has an excellent learning environment.
I know how well my child/children is progressing in school.
I know how the school uses monetary donations and funds raised.
I am pleased with the amount of communication from the school and teachers.
I feel the school helps my child/children transition easily to the next grade.
I volunteer at my school….
What are the strengths of this school?
Your answer
What would make Penny Road better?
Your answer
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