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Volunteer Application
Please fill out this document to the best of your ability. The answers you provide will help us to determine the role that best suits your personality and future goals. Thank you for your interest in volunteering for our charity.
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Are you willing to work remotely, volunteering via your computer?
Our charity is a remote-work environment. This means we don't have a central office and conduct most our business online as we move forward with innovation into new and exciting markets. In order to expand globally, we are collaborating in a virtual office built on programs like Slack, Asana, Google Drive and more. The good news if you're unfamiliar with these programs is that we provide training on everything including detailed processes and procedures, so this is a good way to develop your computer skills as needed.

*If you wish to reply "No" below, please do so in the "Other" section by leaving your city and state name. We will reserve your application for a future time when we develop a satellite location in your area.
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We employ a culture of work when you want and where you want so these questions give us a general idea of what your schedule might look like.
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