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2018-2019 Parent Survey
Please take a few minutes to help us make Noble Local a better place to learn. We are committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement where all students are provided opportunites for success and would appreciate your feedback.
My child/ children attend (check all that apply) *
l feel welcome when I enter the school. *
My child feels safe and secure while at school. *
Teachers care about my child/children. *
My child's school is clean and inviting. *
My child is motivated to learn. *
There are high academic expectations at my child's school. *
I feel academic expectations for my child are communicated timely, clearly and consistently. *
My child receives additional academic help when needed or requested. *
Bullying, harassment, and/or intimidation are not tolerated at my child's school *
I feel knowledgeable about what goes on at the the school. *
My calls, emails, or notes to school staff are answered promptly. *
Teachers communicate with me via (check all that apply). *
I prefer school/building communication (school events/ happenings) via: *
The school schedules parent/ teacher conferences in a way I can attend. *
If disagree, what would be a better option?
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The school provides informational events/ workshops. *
What type of events/ workshops would you find beneficial?
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The school provides parenting resources/ information. *
What parenting resources/ information would you find beneficial?
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I feel knowledgeable about the school's Reading/ Literacy programs and events (K-8 only?). *
My child/children has made adequate progress over the course of this school year. *
I feel the following two practices would be most beneficial(check boxes) *
I have been asked to volunteer at the school. *
If asked, I would like to volunteer at the school in the following way/s (list one or two ways). *
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My child's school and the curriculum is preparing my child to be success in whatever academic or career paths they choose. *
My child's favorite classes or subjects are (list one or two): *
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My child's LEAST favorite classes or subjects are (list at least one): *
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Please select the 3 essential skills you believe are MOST important to your child's future success. *
My child's plans for the future are (check all that apply) *
If my child's school had a "career day" or career focused event, I would be interested in speaking to my child's class or during other events about my own academic/career path. *
I would describe my career field or occupation as the following. *
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I am interested in hearing more about:
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We want to get better! Please provide us with feedback/additional comments :)
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