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Timeline for CAGI 2015
The prediction season start date of 3 August 2015 is later than planned. We would now like your feedback on three options for the full experiment timeline. In the survey, please indicate your likelihood of participation in CAGI 2015 given the schedule options provided.
Option 1: Hold the CAGI conference around 12 December 2015 as originally planned, with the prediction season ending early October (i.e. two months in total with less time for some challenges). That is short, potentially reducing the number of participants and the number of challenges each participant can attempt. It also leaves a short assessment season. *
Option 2: Hold the CAGI conference later, perhaps March 2016, allowing time for a full-length prediction season (ending some time in November) and an adequate assessment season, providing the assessors time to do a deeper analysis of the results. In addition, a full-length prediction season will allow the CAGI organizers to provide updates on the details of how challenges will be assessed. *
Option 3. Other. Please describe in the Comments box.
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