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IYMS 2018 - Sydney, Australia
Official Application Form for participation at the 13th International Youth Media Summit.
DURATION: July 24th - August 9th, 2018
Given (first) name
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Surname (last name)
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Your e-mail
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Home address (of residence)
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City of residence
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Country of residence
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Your continent of residence
Nationality / nationalities
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Will you need a visa to enter Australia?
How many times have you participated in the IYMS before?
Name of school or organization
If applying by yourself, please write 'Independent'.
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If you are applying through an organization, please describe the organization and your experience with it.
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Your date of birth
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Occupation (work/profession)
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Special needs
Please list any special physical or dietary needs.
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Participation and travel fees
All delegates will be required to pay their participation fees and travel costs.

The participation fee (which includes accommodations and meals) will be $900 (USD).

Estimated cost of travel and visa fees
Please estimate how much money you would need JUST for your travel and visa fees. Do not forget to include the currency with the number. (Do NOT include the $900 of participation fee.)
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Tell us how you plan to cover both these costs (participation + travel + visa).
Will your organization cover all or part of them? Will you apply to your government to pay the costs? Will you be fundraising to pay your costs?
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Level of English
Do you speak any languages other than English? What is your level of proficiency for these languages?
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Diplomats, filmmakers and advisors ... Who am I?
— If you enjoy doing research, consulting with experts and crafting persuasive arguments using written and oral communication, apply as a DIPLOMAT.

— If you are experienced and comfortable using the camera, filming and editing video to express yourself, apply as a FILMMAKER.

(Since we will be providing training and support, if you don't have experience in either of these areas, apply for the position that you are most passionate about. We'll pair you with more experienced delegates. And remember: there is no wrong choice. We will all work together on both the films and written declarations, and you will find talents you didn't know you had!)

— If you are 24 years or older, you are then probably an ADVISOR and you serve as the leader and a contact point for your delegation. You will be kept busy working with the issue groups during the Summit, and also will be asked to teach in your areas of expertise. You will support the delegates in their film productions, declarations for action and production of the workshop guides.

Application type
Getting to know you...
The more you tell us about yourself and your viewpoints and the more documents you upload in the following section, the better the chances are of us getting to know you and being selected to participate. Please keep this in mind while elaborating your answers and giving us the download links.
If you wish to do so, please give us a download link to your CV.
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If you wish to do so, please provide download links to recommendations (college teacher, mentor, employer etc.)
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If you wish to do so, please give us download links to your previous videography / media experience / volunteer or other work.
Make sure that the links are accessible until the actual event in July. If the links provided are not working, we will not be able to count them as a part of your application. You can describe your work here as well.
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If you wish to do so, but primarily if you do not have a CV, please film a short video (up to 90 sec.) telling us more about yourself and give us a download link.
It doesn't have to be professional - just make sure we can see and hear you clearly! If you don't have any filming equipment, it can even be filmed with your phone.
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Most relevant experience
Please mention your most relevant experience in experience in filmmaking, journalism, diplomacy or politics or how you contributed to your community in the past.
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The 7 Issues
At every Summit, delegates work in groups to create one- to two-minute short films in the style of Public Service Announcements, with the objective of inspiring others to care about and take action to solve major global issues.

There are 7 different issues explored at the Summit:


In the following section, you are given an opportunity to select the Issue groups in regard to your interest. Make sure you include all seven of the issues in your seven choices.

Choices - 7 Issues by priority
FIRST Choice :-)
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice
6th Choice
LAST Choice :-(
Women's Rights
Youth Empowerment
Which of the 7 Issues affects you the most and how?
Your answer
How did you hear about the IYMS?
Your answer
If you have attended a Summit before,
tell us how that experience has impacted your life. Tell us what you have done to keep the Summit alive, and the actions you have taken that reflect your passion for the work of IYMS.
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If you have never attended a Summit,
we want to know if you have the passion to make a good delegate. Why do you want to attend the 2018 IYMS? What do you think you can do to make the world a more peaceful, just and healthy home? What do you think you can do to inspire others in your generation? Why should we select you over other qualified people?
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Notifications of accepted applicants will be made before the end of the year.
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