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OSTA Mini Grant Application - deadline January 19, 2019
Mini-grants are designed to support projects that enhance and support string and orchestra education in Ohio.
Mini-grant applicants must be OSTA members in good standing.
Mini-grants will be awarded for no more than two consecutive years for the same person for the same project; new projects will receive precedence.
Recipients agree to submit a brief summative evaluation (and photos, when possible) of the success the mini grant helped achieve. These results may be published in an OSTA newsletter, web site, or social media.
A budget proposal will be required as part of the application process
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Please include a brief proposal and budget. Itemize expected income and/or expenses, showing how the funds will be spent, and how or if any additional funds will be provided. Grant applications will be voted on at the January OSTA Board meeting. Mini grant funds will be disbursed by March 1, 2019. * *
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