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Fairfield Elementary Magnet PTA Helping Hands 2017-2018
You are invited to participate as a helping hand and an active member of the Fairfield PTA! It takes a lot of hands to help our school! Please look over the opportunities detailed below and indicate the committees on which you would be willing to serve
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We welcome (and depend upon!) your participation in the Fairfield PTA. The PTA offers many different volunteer opportunities with varying time commitments. The following section allows you to list in preferential order committees on which you would like to serve. A brief description of the committee responsibilities is listed along with time commitment requirements. Please contact the current committee chair if you have questions about a specific committee. A list of Board members/Committee Chairs with links to send an email can be found on our website, on the PTA Tab. If you are interested in Chairing or Co-Chairing any of these committees, you will have an opportunity to express that interest in the next section. These committee positions are for the 2018-2019 school year. According to our bylaws, only members of this local PTA shall be eligible to serve in any elective or appointive position.
Select up to 4 choices (1) being your first choice and (4) being your last.
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Chairmanship/Co-chairmanship position (s) I would like to be considered for:
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Please be sure to write any comments or concerns in the space provided below. Include any special skills or talents that you feel qualify you for a particular position, specifically if you would like to be considered for a committee chairmanship.
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If you currently serve on the Board, please list your Board Position. If not currently on Board, leave blank.
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Would you like to serve again in this position?
If you are interested in serving in an Executive Board position, please indicate that interest below. Although not required by our bylaws, prior Board experience is helpful in order to serve in these positions. Also per our bylaws, only members of this local PTA shall be eligible to serve in any elective or appointive position.
If you checked a box in the above question, please briefly discuss why you feel you are qualified for this position as well as any special skills/talents that you possess making you a qualified candidate for the position(s) you selected.
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Thank you for submitting a Helping Hands form. Our volunteers are such an integral part of what makes Fairfield such a great school. We appreciate you supporting the school and PTA with the gift of your service!
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