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Spirala - questionnaire & info for volunteers
Opening 2024, we at "Spirala", an off the grid friends village located on a 10 hectare land in the middle of Portugal, start implementing our vision for a simple, friendly-to-nature-and- humans, accommodation space. We look for volunteers to join us, enjoy our small, on-premise group, and the surrounding nature, while working together to create the dreamy space we have in mind.

As there are many exciting, skilled people who would like to join, we crated this form to maximize the match between our, and your needs. After filling it up, we'll soon be in touch!
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Email *
"flat" details first:
1. What is your full name? if you don't mind, please also write your facebook account (assuming you have one) if its under an another name.
2. Where can we reach you? an Email or whatsapp/ telegram contact would do.
3. How many people do you represent filling this form?
Your context
1. At what moment are you in life? Age would be nice but not
necessary. What do you do those days, where are you located/ considering to come from? What brings you to Portugal? are you travelling/ volunteering/ looking for a land? something totally different? 

2. What is your specific interest in us, Spirala? what would you receive and give?
Have you ever volunteered for over than two weeks in an ecological/ off the grid/ farm project?
If you have, please tell us where was it and more important - what were you doin there? 
Volunteering period
At the moment we look for volunteers to join us from February -April. We defined the minimum time here as one month so both parties will have time to get to know each other, and to allow significant contribution to the project to be created.

Does that suit you?
Between February to April - when do you have in mind to come here? estimated dates or weeks will help future coordination.  *
Relevant experience
As we establish the accomadnaiton space/ nature lodge from (almost) scratch, most of our needs are for people with specific skills and experience. Please check the boxes for skills/ knowledge you have and that you'd love to harness for the project.
Please elaborate here based on your checked boxes in the previous question. We would love to know a bit about the project your took part in, what have you done, how independent you think you can and like to be?

This is also the right place to elaborate about the extra experience/ skills you might have marked in the previous question. 
Volunteer conditions/ principles 
During your time here in Spirala you'll receive a bed to sleep in, access to shared vega/ vegetarian kitchen, water, electricity, Wi-Fi, laundry usage, kitchen and living space... and of course, gorgeous nature and spaces as the opportunity to have a glimpse to our basic communal life.

We ask for: 5 hours work a day, 5 days a week.
10 Euro weekly fee which all residents (project members, volunteers, guests) pay for covering the basic costs of gas, water, and electricity. 

We are not religious about the fee, and if anyone has challenges paying it, we can wave it. 

Are you content with the above?
Residency, movement and services 
The two stay options we offer are a 15m2 room which will be shared by 1 couple or two volunteers, and a caravan, 6m2 with a living-room-tent attached that suits one person or a couple. Both have water & electricity.

All over the land there is decent cellular reception and in the central (community) house there is also WiFi, as well as shared kitchen and common living room. Though we love to share meals and products from time to time, everyone are free to do as they feel.

Hot shower is available at the moment only in the central house.

Proudly we have only compost toilets spread across the land, covered with sawdust (and a lead :))

To Spirala one arrives with a car. We are also happy to pickup volunteers from the closest village (São Miguel de Acha) or city (Castelo Branco).

There is no constant public transport getting to/ from here, so we are happy to for volunteers to join us when we drive to a closet market/ village or a city, usually 15-30 minutes away.

After reading, can you imagine yourself living here?
This is the last section. We would love you to add whatever you have in mind that you think is worth mentioning. Obrigado!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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