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This is the form to request that the @_defcon_ account add you to their "Lists". This form is not for subscribing to the list content, only to be added as a contributor.

Lists are where our 30,000+ Twitter followers go to subscribe to content specific lists in order to follow up on what our speakers, goons, contest, and DJ's are doing. All you have to do in order to subscribe to one of those lists is click on it within twitter and select subscribe. You will then be a subscribed to receive content from the twitter accounts registered. For more information, please visit the following link:!/_defcon_/lists

List Descriptions:

Vendors - A list of DEF CON vendors, past, present & future. Look here for their wares and infoz.

Groups - This the list for DCGroups, HackerSpaces & interest groups. Find one in your area!

Goons - Find out what DEF CON Staff, Goons, VIP, Leaders & Organizers are up to.

Contest & Events - Get up to the minute tweets from DJ's, Contests & Events, Parties, and event leaders.

Speakers - You can follow this list to keep up to date with what past & present DEF CON Speakers are up to.

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