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The Intertwine Alliance Equity & Inclusion Cohorts: Expression of Interest Form
Many Intertwine Alliance partners are on a path toward making their organizations more diverse, equitable and inclusive, or have expressed interest in doing so. In response, The Intertwine Alliance is working to support partners in creating an ongoing learning community focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. By making additional resources available to support your initiatives, and organizing or supporting existing cohorts, we hope to catalyze equity work in our community. Ultimately, our hope is to bring equity work to scale across a broad and diverse array of organizations in order to fundamentally transform our sectors.

TIME FRAME (Subject to change):
-- Expression of interest in the Equity & Diversity Inclusion Cohorts due by March 16, 2018
-- Cohorts formed by late April
-- Cohorts matched with programs and providers by mid-May
-- Official commitment to program due by end of May
-- Cohorts likely start programs in late May or early June (ending approximately one year from start date)

*Please note that filling out this form is not a guarantee of participation in the program and is only an expression of interest. If you are selected to join the program, you will be asked to submit a formal commitment at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact Lauriel Amoroso at

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Please list the names of the people in your organization who are in leadership positions and are willing to commit time and or capacity to this effort: *
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Are you willing to stay involved in an ongoing peer learning/peer support program for at least one year? *
Are you willing to meet outside of designated trainings/workshops for peer-based learning (estimated 3-4 hours per quarter outside of workshops)? *
What type of help do you need?
Opting into this program requires a time commitment that extends beyond the training/workshops. We are asking participants of this program to commit to attending follow up/check in meetings, as well as to working with peers in an ongoing learning process over the course of the next year. If you opt into this program, we expect you to prioritize diversity/equity/inclusion in your work and in your schedule, and to do all that is within your power to fully participate in this program. The following questions will help us match you with the right cohort and training program. Please answer them with as much information as possible.
Has your organization's leadership participated in any DEI trainings? *
If they have, which ones? (Please list the name and/or type of training and the provider.)
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Do you have an organizational equity strategy? What does it include; what is your organization's view on diversity/equity/inclusion? *
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Please describe your organization's general approach/view and current state of diversity/equity/inclusion. *
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Which types of DEI trainings are you interested in for the coming year? *
The trainings/cohorts have different costs associated with them based on what is offered, how many people participate, and our grant funding. What amount of funding do you have to put toward this work? *
Please check the boxes for the types of trainings and workshops you are looking for. (Check all that apply; however think about what stage of this work your organization is currently in. Think about whether you currently need individual awareness trainings or are ready for large-scale organizational change.) : *
Is there anything else you would like to tell us or have questions about?
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this expression of interest form! We will be in touch over the coming weeks to discuss placement in The Intertwine Alliance Equity & Inclusion Cohort Program. If you have any questions, please contact Lauriel Amoroso at
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