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School Counselor Check-In
Hello students and families! Counselors will be holding phone office hours Monday -Friday from 2-3pm. During this time, we are happy to check-in with students and/or parent/guardians. We will limit check-ins to about 15 minutes per family so we can see multiple families. Please fill out the questions below to help us connect with you.
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Student Last Name *
Parent/Guardian First and Last Name *
Connect with your Counselor
Your counselor is available to connect with students by phone, email, and Zoom. Please answer the questions below to share what you would like to connect with your counselor about and the best way to reach you.
Please note that parents will be contacted when appropriate regarding safety concerns.
Please indicate your preferred method of contact as either, email, phone, text, Zoom, and your contact information. (ex: Email - *
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I would like to connect with my school counselor about (check all that apply) *
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If you are not able to speak during counseling office hours, please give us your availability from 9am-3pm.
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Lastly, is there anything you would like to say that wasn't on this survey? Anything you need?
Please check your school Gmail daily! Thank you for taking this survey. I hope to connect with you soon.
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