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Registration for Centre for Gender and Sexuality Studies (CGSS)
Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies (CGSS) is a research unit which will provide a 18 hours course, divided into three full day sessions. Gender and sexuality studies will help to better understand society and its interrelation. This center will be a hub for young people to learn about Gender, Sexuality,patriarchy, feminism and research methodology for critical analysis . The graduate of this course will be given a two week time after the completion of the course to conduct research, publish articles, reviews and other relevant publication related to issues of gender and sexuality. Upon submission of this assignment, YUWA will provide certificate to the graduates of Gender and Sexuality Studies.

1. To increase the level of understanding on concept of gender and sexuality among the adolescent and youth of diverse background.
2. To build critical analytical skills among adolescent and youth on issues of gender and
3. To shape thinking of adolescent and youths of diverse backgrounds to create a gender balanced society.

1. Introduction to gender
2. Introduction to sexuality
3. Gender and Intersectionality
4. Patriarchy, Masculinity and Feminism
5. Discussion and critical analysis of gender issues
6. Gender Sexuality and Youth
7. Engagement of Men in feminist movement
8. Research Methodology and critical analysis

The selection for this course will be based on answer provided in this registration form. The deadline for submission of registration form is 26th of February and the selected participants will have to pay the course fee by 2nd of March.

Total no. of particpants : 15
Date: 8th - 10th March, 2018
Course registration fee : Rs. 1500 (covers facilitator's cost, lunch, stationary and certificate)


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