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Student End of Year Class Survey
Please complete this survey to give feedback on your experience in this subject this year
1. How satisfied are you with your level of ACHIEVEMENT in this subject? *
2. How would you rate your EFFORT in this subject? *
3. How would you rate the HOMEWORK your teacher expects you to complete? *
4. How REGULARLY does your teacher check your HOMEWORK? *
5. What could your teacher do differently in relation to setting or marking homework, that would assist you?
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6. How clear do you find the INSTRUCTIONS given by your teacher regarding things such as setting homework, class exercises or assignments? *
7. Are the NOTES for the course sufficient? *
8. Are there opportunities given to you to ASK QUESTIONS about the topic being covered? *
9. What would you like your teacher to do in order that the course work is explained more clearly in class lessons?
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10. How easy is it to GET EXTRA HELP from the teacher when you need it? *
11. Do the lessons appear to be well organised *
12. Do you find the CLASS ENVIRONMENT helpful for you to learn or are there some students who are constantly disruptive, making it difficult for you to learn? *
13. Do the students seem to RESPECT the teacher? *
14. Does the teacher listen to STUDENT CONCERNS when they are having difficulty? *
15. What parts of the course did you find DIFFICULT? *
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16. What parts of the course did you think you were GOOD at? *
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17. What things did you enjoy most about the subject? *
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