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Caravan Orchestra 2019 Application
Please apply here for paticipation in Caravan Orchestra 2019. For information on the project, please go to It is especially important that you read the information here:
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Please tell us why you want to participate in the Caravan Orchestra and/or Caravan Choir: *
Did you participate in the Caravan project in a previous year?
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If you did not previously participate in the Caravan project, please include a link to a recording of you performing (if you are unable to send a link, please send the file to us at
Would you or your friends and family be able to host one or two participants from the other group in the time of their stay in your country? *
I would be interested in participating in a Caravan tour in Germany from August 7 to August 11: *
Thank you! If there is anything else you want to let us know, then there is space here:
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