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philADthropy 2019 - Alumni Volunteer Sign Up and Team Leader Application
Team Leader applications are now open for the 10th Anniversary PhilADthropy. This year we will be focusing our efforts to help the Parkland community and a variety of non-profits that have risen from the tragic event that happened on February 14th, 2018. We are looking to make this a historical event in PhilADthropy history. Because of that, we want to bring back AS MANY ALUMNI as possible.

Due to the low number of clients, but large number of volunteers that we expect for the event, there will be tier-based leadership levels, and smaller teams divided up within the larger client team to focus on specific tasks, media, or content for the campaign.

All sign ups are voluntary and time commitment is expected for the full 25-hour event.

Tier 1 - The Legend:
7+ years of outside experience
The Legends will be expected to lead the team to victory. They will oversee the entire client team. Some interaction and planned meetings with the client and Tier 2 & 3 leaders will be necessary BEFORE the event day.

Tier 2 - The Myth:
4-6 years of outside experience
The Myths will be in charge of leading one of the silos within the team structure, whether that is digital, social, research, photography, video, merch, etc. Myths will focus on their particular area under the umbrella team.

Tier 3 - The (Wo)Man:
0-3 years of outside experience
We love having our alumni come back and help. You won't necessarily be the one crafting the work per-say, but you will be working directly with the students to help them come up with ideas, give them on-the-ground help, sharing your expertise to create the best work possible for the client. Consider yourself a mentor and savior for those PhilADthropy freak out moments!

DISCLAIMER: PhilADthropy does not compensate for travel, time, or hotel. However, we will provide food the day of and you will be rewarded in warmth, love, and a kick-ass project!
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