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FOG Independence Day 2018 - Aug 18th Dance Competitions & Performances Registration Form - - 10am to 6pm
Fill the Registration form to enroll to Dance Competitions & Performances @ FOG Independence Day Celebrations - - organized by Dr.Japra ( FOG Founder/Convenor )
Timings : 10AM to 6PM
Aug 18th Saturday, 2018 - Competitions @ Fremont Mela open grounds near walnut creek & PaseoPadre, Fremont
* $25 Registration Fee Required for Solos / Groups Competitions * - Paypal ( send the receipt proof )

Aug 19th Sunday, 2018 - Selective 2 hour Performances - no need of reg fee

FREE ENTRY for everyone
Contact with any Qs - JYOTSNA BENDAPUDI SHARMA 408 685 4234 (FOG Cultural Chair)

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