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2018 Penguicon Liaison Application
Please fill this out if you are interested in being a liaison for one of the Guests of Honor for 2018! We need people to make sure the guests have everything they need and are having a good time.

We are looking for liaisons for:
Dr. Kristine Larsen
Writing Excuses Podcast - Mary Robinette Kowal
Writing Excuses Podcast - Mary Anne Mohanraj
Magic Meeple Games - Ian and Trish Stedman
Email address *
What's your name? (the legal one!) *
What's your badge name, if different than your legal name?
Have you ever been a liaison before? If yes, what con, when, and for who? *
If you were a liaison before, what was your favorite part of that job?
How many Penguicons have you attended previously? *
Tell us about yourself and why you'd be a great liaison. *
Do you have transportation available to move GoHs around throughout the weekend? *
(This potentially includes picking up and dropping off your GoH at the airport, and being able to transport your GoH around during the weekend, or run errands for them if they need something.) (Second note: if your answer to this is no, that's okay! You may still be able to be a liaison.)
Please select times ALL times that you are available to pick up and drop off GoHs. *
(If you aren't available during any of these times, that's okay! You may still be able to be a liaison.)
Are there any complications to your ability to transport a guest? What are they?
What email address do you want the Talent Coordinator to use to contact you (and to give to your GoH if you are assigned to one)? *
What phone number can we use for you? *
It should be a cell number that can text for your GoH or the Talent Coordinator to reach you during Penguicon. A text-capable phone during the con is required for this position.
When were you planning to arrive for the con weekend? *
When will you leave Penguicon? *
Please let me know any comments you have about assignments, the weekend, etc.
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