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Answer all of the questions honestly.
Type your name OR favorite food in this box. If you want to be anonymous, type your favorite food. :)
Mrs. Karney was fair.
This teacher was energetic and enthusiastic about teaching.
This teacher likes kids in general.
I was afraid of this teacher.
This teacher was prepared for class.
This teacher had a sense of humor.
In this class I met knew friends.
I liked using to submit essays.
Please explain why you DID or did NOT like using in a few sentences.
This teacher assigned pointless homework.
This teacher assigned:
This class gave me allowed me to work with my friends, as well as new people.
This teacher graded our essays/writing/tests in a reasonable amount of time.
This teacher used rubrics and made comments on my writing to help me.
This teacher gave clear directions.
This teacher always said
This teacher allowed students to be themselves and appreciated different personalities.
I liked Mrs. Karney's blog as a way to access documents needed in homework, Google forms, and homework.
Please explain what you liked or didn't like about my blog. Does another teacher do something better? Please tell me your thoughts, so I can decide what to do for next year. :)
I feel prepared for 8th grade.
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