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Guest For Virtual Assistant Internship!
We are so excited you want to be a guest for our audience!

Our Audience:
A 4.5K+ Facebook Group, Combined FB/IG following of 1800, our website gets 3000 visits per month and our Pinterest gets 10K views per month. Our email list is about 1800 and we have almost 30% open rates. This is an audience of primarily US military wives, Moms and travel lovers age 25+ that want to be able to work online in some capacity.

Who This is NOT For:
Anyone in MLM or network marketing is not a good fit. Anything too much into angels, manifesting or LOA just isn't a good fit. Anyone wanting to promote something (even down the line) that directly conflicts with our VA training programs. If it COMPLIMENTS such as how to find clients or something then that's totally welcome.

Your Exposure:
Your interview is marketed for 1 full week and shared 1 week thereafter. Over the course of 2 months it also gets turned into a Podcast, IGTV episode, Blog and Pin to maximize exposure. Remember, this isn't a direct sales opportunity but an opportunity to give value and expand your audience. If you have something free to drive people to (lead magnet, consultation, giveaway, social media following, etc.) that's perfect!

1. This will be live on our main page (not within the group or the event itself)
2. I will start it and invite you once you are watching, try to ready a few minutes before our start time
3. This only works with a cell phone in portrait mode
4. A tripod or having your phone propped up is best to avoid wobbly video or your arm getting tired ;) Try to be somewhere with a quiet background and where you can speak clearly (co working spaces or cafes aren’t good for this).
5. We’ll go about 30min or less unless we are on a roll and then max an hour

About the Interview:
To kick it off I will welcome everyone and go over housekeeping items and then tell a little bit about you.

I will ask you to tell us about yourself and your expertise.

Thereafter the conversation flows pretty naturally

At the end we’ll take questions or I’ll bring up anything prominent I see in the chat as it flows. Otherwise as the speaker you can ignore the Qs coming in and just focus on talking and doing your thing. I know it can be a distraction!

Also if you offer something free like a consultation or lead magnet, we’ll talk about that at the end and it'll be included in the video description.

For examples check out our pages videos:

Next Steps:
After you fill out the form below we'll be in touch to finalize a date and time and then again 1 week out with promo items and the event link you can promote to your audience (along with a reminder of the logistics above)

Email address *
Your Name
Business Expertise + Description
What do you want to talk about / highlight (benefit statements help me write the copy)
Link to freebies you want to give
Upload your headshot
Upload other work from anywhere or travel themed images we can use in promo materials (optional)
List 3 good weekdays you can do the following times (we book 1 month out) 5pm PST / 8pm EST / 8am Bali or Perth OR 6pm / 9pm EST / 9am Bali or Perth OR 8am PST / 11am EST / 8pm Bali or Perth OR 9am PST / 12pm EST / 9pm Bali or Perth
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