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Flags over Montgomery 2019
Please fill out this form to get on a flag route. After you complete the form, go to and pay for each flag requested. You do not need a paypal account to pay online, You may be via credit card.

Our season starts Labor Day and ends Fourth of July. Renewal letters will go out end of July & you will need to renew your subscription each year.

Each flag is $40 per year.

If you have renewed after a holiday has already started you will receive a flag for the next holiday. Any questions please email

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!! Want to receive a FREE FLAG?? Send an email to to volunteer to put out a flag route this year!

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser! MRE PTO
Are you new to this program? Is this your first time getting a flag? *
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How many flags? (they are on 10ft poles and sit at the end of your driveway) *
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How did you learn about our program? Did someone refer you? If so, please list them.
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If you are paying with PayPal and your PayPal email address is different then the one you listed here please make a note of it here.
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Please list any additional information you'd like us to know here. (if you'd like us to place the flag in a certain place on your property, please tell us in the space below)
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