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CHAMS - Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Chams !

We are launching a 7-months intensive and fully funded training in web development next July in partnership with JOHUD, the UNHCR, Al al-Bayt University, Simplon and Codi.
Funding for this program are generous coming from "Fondation de France" and "ANDAN Foundation"

The Training is for Young Jordanian or Syrian (refugees) from 17 to 25 years with a strong motivation to learn how TO CODE. It concerns Men as much as Women - cohort composed by 50% of each. Come and apply / Take your chance since we do not have any academic or financial criteria.
The program is including also a "Student Stipend" to support food and transportation costs during the 7-months of the training.

The training will take place in Mafraq. If you come from Mafraq Governorate (Jordanians & Syrians) or Zaatari Camp (Syrians), this program is made for you.

The purpose of this form is to know more about you and what motivates you to learn web development.
Feel free to express yourself as naturally as possible :)

It is recommended to APPLY to the Program in ENGLISH. Moreover, INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION are mandatory (Do not share your Sololearn Profile or Email)

The Application Process will end by July 7th 2019. For more informations, please contact CHAMS, JOHUD or the UNHCR in Mafraq. The Training Program should start by the end of July 2019
CHAMS Website -

Good luck !

NB/ All the information that you fill in this application must be accurate.
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