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2020 RFL Home & Garden Expo Registration
See for display options and if you have questions. They are probably answered there.
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Gacha machine reservation *
Gacha machines with 50/50 profit split are available for all exhibitors. Gacha allowances are: Platinum up to 5 -five- machines, Gold: up to 4 -four- machines, Silver: up to 3 -three- machines, Bronze: up to 2 -two- machines Copper Plus, Copper, Nickel and Artist: displays are limited to 1 - one - gacha machine. Extras are available at the cost of 100 Lindens per machine. Please reply with the number of gacha machines you plan to use (0 if none at all) PLEASE NOTE: Gacha machines are not allowed in stores or on parcels, they are all on a separate area to minimize lag on sims.
Will you participate in the Expo Hunt? *
There will be a hunt at the Expo next year. Each hunt item will cost 10L for the hunters, with 100% donation to RFL. The hunt item is to be placed in your Expo shop.
Will you donate an item for the LIVE Expo Finale auction? *
RFL auctions have traditionally been silent auctions where bids are given throughout the entire event, and the results have been meager, often well below retail prices. Live auctions, where bidders are present at the time of the auction, have in our experience raised many times more, and are quite enjoyable as well. "One Of A Kind" items are normally the best sellers, but special versions, services, all releases for X months, a custom made item (exclusive or non exclusive) etc are also good sellers. Next year's auction will be a combination of the two. All auction objects will be up for silent bidding at least during the last week of the expo. At a predefined point in time, the boards will lock, and the winning bids will be the opening bids at the live auction. The live finale auction will be held in the Expo theater the final weekend of the event (Date TBD) Would you like to donate an item for auction??
What do you make? *
Is your brand targeted at a specific customer group? If yes, Who? *
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Does your brand specialize in specific styles? If yes, Which? *
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Please share a few words about your brand to make it easier for us to give you publicity. Hint: The text you have written in your mainstore parcel description will be just right here. *
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Have you read and understood the article about Intellectual property on the Expo website? *
Have you read and understood the rules and requirements for the Expo on the Expo website? *
We are looking for some volunteers from our group of experienced store owners to donate a little of their time to make the event run smoother. You would need to to guarantee your availability just before and during setup dates. *
Mildly busy helper bees - People to run around for a short period of time, (about an hour per person,) to help check things before the event opens. This could be checking for copyright issues, adult animations in furniture, adult images, and/or other small tasks.
Are you willing to give a helping hand to newcomers at the Expo? *
Expo freshman store liaisons - We're hoping a lot of new-to-Expo stores will join us this year, and would love to be able to give them the names of a few of our more experienced store owners to refer to with simple setup questions
Do you want to join Saffia Widdershin's "Meet the designer" talks in the Expo theatre? *
Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds will once again host live talks with designers on stage in the Expo theatre. Talks will normally start at 2 or 5 PM SLT and last for approximately 1 hour. Do you want to participate on stage? If so, do you already now know what you want to talk about?
For everyone: Are you willing to donate an item as a prize for the decorating competition? *
The decorating competition made it's debut at the Home and Garden Expo in 2018, and was a grand success. The interest was very good, as was the coverage in SL media. This donation will be one to three objects of your choice from your store, with the permissions you normally use. We will come back with more information about how to donate prizes closer to the Expo.
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