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Student-Labor Alliance Petition Regarding SciLi Changes
The Library Administration is moving forward with a plan to further reduce services and staffing in the Sciences Library. The plan will cut library hours from 100 to 70 and staff from 4.5 positions to 2 positions, thus leaving the SciLi understaffed. The Library personnel being removed from the Friedman Study Center will be forced to find work elsewhere in the Library, undermining the worker community that has provided students with such great service in the past. As a result, the Library will lose their experience and expertise. Furthermore, many of the Sciences Library services (course reserves, clickers, Borrow Direct, and DVD collections) will be transferred to the Rockefeller Library. However, there will be no increase in staff at the Rock to account for the increase in workload.

Neither the Library Administration nor the University Administration in general has centered the concerns of workers affected by the plan. They only recently reached out to some faculty and graduate students who rely on Sciences Library resources and services, but have not currently or in the past sought their input on changes to the Sciences Library..
We, members of the Brown community, are deeply concerned about the effects of this plan for students, faculty, and staff alike. We ask that the Brown Administration reconsider reduction of services and staffing, prioritize the voices of library workers, and provide a platform for community input.

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