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Wellington Independent Arts Advocacy - Survey
This is a survey for Wellington Independent Arts to advocate for independent arts orgs to Council and CNZ. In any information you hand over we will ensure your anonymity.
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What is the name of your organisation? *
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What is your relationship with it?
EG: Director / facilitator / organiser etc
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What is your kaupapa as an organisation?
*Kaupapa is a set of values, principles and plans which people have agreed on as a foundation for their actions. - Te AraKaupapa: (noun) topic, policy, matter for discussion, plan, purpose, scheme, proposal, agenda, subject, programme, theme, issue, initiative. - Māori Dictionary
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What is your Arts Discipline
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What kind of programs/services do you run?
(you may choose more than one)
Do you have a physical location?
Can you describe the location?
If physical location, put address. If online location, put URL. If location changes write a brief description.
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How long have you been in operation?
How many staff / contributing community members do you have?
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Would you like to tell us more about your history?
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What do you estimate your organisation’s volunteer hours vs paid hours are, per week? *
Volunteer hours: ________________ + Paid hours: ________________ / Don’t know
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What are your actual annual costs as an organisation?
How much did you receive in grants, government or council funding in the last year?
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Do you receive sponsorship or funding from any kind from private companies or non-governmental organisations?
Who is your target audience? *(eg age, demographic, interests)
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Approximately how many people engaged with your organisation in the past year?
(eg visitor numbers)
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What vulnerabilities do you have as an organisation? What are roadblocks for you? *
(eg. rent/space, funding availability, maintaining staff/volunteers, burnout)
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Where do you realistically see your organisation in 5 years?
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What value do think your organisation brings to the city?
(eg. Professional development, entertainment, research & innovation, public space, community interaction, critical conversation...)
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Is there anything else that you would like to mention?
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