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She Who Speaks
She Who Speaks, a day filled with interactive activities and coaching to help you develop effective public speaking skills and project self-confidence wherever you go. If any of the questions below apply to you, then this event is for you! Do you feel that you could communicate your vision and goals for the future in a more persuasive way? Do you want more confidence to ask for what you need to achieve those goals? Do you want to develop your public speaking skills?

Application Deadline: Saturday 16th March 2019, 10am
Results of your application: Monday 18th March 2019 - All day

Event Day: Saturday 23rd March 2019
Event Time: 10am - 3:30pm
Location: Kings College London University, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

Hosted by the Us Programme.

Please note: If you have applied to our previous events, we will be looking for originality in your answer - please don't copy former answers. Don’t miss out and apply!

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Eligibility Criteria
In order to apply to She Who Speaks it is important that you meet at LEAST TWO of the requirements below.
Unfortunately, we do not accept applications from students who are attending fee paying schools – even if you receive a bursary or assistance with costs.

'First generation' means:
- Your parents have not completed an undergraduate degree in the UK. If your siblings have attended university, you still count as first generation.
- Additionally, if your parents completed university as mature students or completed a degree abroad, this does not count.

We will be asking for proof to confirm that you meet our eligibility criteria.

You must meet AT LEAST two of the below. (Please note that we may ask for proof) *
Tell us about yourself?
This is a chance for us to get to know you!

Your Answer
In your answer, please tell us:
- About yourself
- Why do you want to attend She Who Speaks?
- In your opinion, what makes an effective public speaker?

The Format
We want to give you the opportunity to be as creative as you like, so please feel free to express yourself in any format you prefer. For example, this could be through a video or poem.

If you choose to write your answer in the space below, please ensure that it is 250 words or less. If you opt to record a video, it should be up two minutes long (120 seconds).

We want to learn more about your passions and although we are not looking for the best writer, we do ask that you spend time and think about this.

Feel free to email us before starting if you have any questions regarding this section.

Why do you want to attend She Who Speaks? (Max 250 Words)
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Why do you want to attend She Who Dreams? - Another format
Please send this over to before you continue the rest of your application.

In the subject please put your 'First Name and Surname - She Who Speaks Application' for example 'Victoria Azubuike - She Who Speaks Application'.

How did you hear about this opportunity?
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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