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Tunesliberia Music Store Survey
This survey is conducted for the purpose of the upcoming online music sale project by company Tunesliberia,Inc.

Please join us and answer questions below.

How old are you? *
What do you do for a living ? *
Which location do you browse site from? *
What device do you mostly use to download music ? *
What kind of phone model you have? *
Which browser do you use to download? *
Do you love Liberian music? *
What kind of Liberian music do you listen to most (check all that apply) *
Will you buy Liberian music? *
How much can you pay for single music in local currency (LD) or phone credit? *
Where do you mostly download Liberian music from (check all that apply)? *
Do you transfer music to others after downloading it? *
What medium do you transfer music to others
List the names(Top 10) your favorite Liberian artists who music you will buy ( in order) *
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