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Darkraven 2017 Holidays Promotion
Thanks for stopping in! We are happy to send you a FREE Darkraven Holidays Promotion Package Sampler with 17 tracks and over 3.5 hours of sound from our 440 track, 110 hour sound collection (at for your table top games -- including an awesome gladiator duel in a colusseum and "The Necromancer Awakens"! It is our biggest sampler EVER. If you are already in our database, we may already have your email address, but we need it here so we know need to send you a FREE download link!

This special edition sampler contains:
1) The "Land of the Frost Giants" chapter from our popular Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes (over 1000 sold!),
2) "The Necromancer Awakens" from our "Fantasy Orc Zombie Assault" which just hit our store at,
3) "Tower of the Wailing Princess" from our Manor of Madness/Descent Into Hell" trilogy,
4) "Morning's First Light" from our "Kingdom of the Elves",
5) "BioLab Madness" from our "Deep Madness" audio,
6) "The City Walls Are Breached" from our "Vivat Imperium" which just hit our store at, and
7) "Gladiators In the Colusseum" from our "Vivat Imperium",
8) "Cthulhu Monster Machine Gun Kill" Mini Scene from "Deep Madness",
9) "Starship Elevators" from our "Darkraven Science Fiction Soundscapes",
10) "Battle Station On Starship During Battle" from our "Science Fiction Soundscapes".
Offer good through December 25, 2017. That is 17 tracks with over 3.5 hours of sound for your table top games!

We hope to send your download links to you within three days of receiving your response to this form. If you can't find the email within one week, please check all of your inboxes for an email from "Darkraven Games". If you still can't find it, please write us at and one of our fabulous pixies will help you as soon as pixily possible!
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