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HTOF Volunteer Application
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How much would you like to contribute for the Construction of the Orphanage?
Supporting childrens and counting plus providing vital services for a community is not cheap! Any financial contribution is greatly appreciated and will be used only for direct costs of the orphanage.
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i.e.severe allergies, religious needs, etc.
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We are in constant need of supplies, ranging from medicine to toys to books. Any contribution is greatly appreciated!
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Our Bank Account
You can donate direct to our bank account bellow and give us your confirmation after sending your donation in order to prepare some required things before your arrival.

Account Holder: Help The Orphans Foundation, P.O. Box 29, Mbeya, Tanzania
Bank Name: Cooperative Rural Development Bank (CRDB)
Branch: Kibaha Branch
Bank Address: Njuweni-Morogoro Rd, Kibaha
Account Number: 0150253647600
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