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Shared Plate Nomination Form
Use this form to nominate shared plate recipient for 2019-20 church year (September through August). Nominations will be accepted through June 30. Preference will be given to organizations whose mission aligns with Eliot's work in racial, immigrant, environmental, economic, government, and LGBT justice. Preference will be given to small organizations that will benefit most from the shared plate and to organizations with which Eliot can form meaningful volunteer partnerships.
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In about 100 words, please provide a short description of the organization, including a mission statement, that can be used in Eliot's publications. As best you can, please connect the organization's mission to that of Eliot's priorities above. *
What is the organization's tax classification? *
Is the organization's tax exempt status up to date? *
What is the organization's annual budget? Please note that the steering committee requires this information, as it strongly factors into decisions *
Will you serve as a liaison between Eliot and the organization? *
One purpose of the shared plate program is to support organizations that provide readily available volunteer opportunities appropriate for Eliot members. Will you be willing to organize and recruit Eliot members to work with the organization in partnership with Eliot? *
Please explain the relevant volunteer opportunities at the organization *
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