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TBS-EV Religious School 2023-2024
This is the registration form for Temple Beth Sholom of the East Valley Religious School
Our first day of school will be announced. Sunday & Wednesday classes will be in person - masks and social distancing may be required. This may change depending on COVID.  Please be sure to answer all questions; if a question is not applicable, please put that into the answer; if a phone number is not applicable, please fill it with 0's.
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Student's First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Do you give permission for the school to take photos of your student and use them for publicity in the newspaper and on the TBS-EV website, Facebook or other social media? *
Parent One's First Name *
Allergies, if none please indicate that *
Parent One's Last Name *
Parent One's Mobile Number *
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Parent Two's First Name *
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Parent Two's Mobile, If Applicable Number, *
Parent Two's Email if Applicable *
Parent Two's Occupation
Emergency Contact Person, First and Last Name *
Emergency Contact Phone Number *
Does the Child Live with *
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Parent One's Street Address (include Apt #) *
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Parent Two's Address, If Different Than Parent One *
Student's Secular School Grade this year *
What grades has your child attended religious school *
Student's Hebrew Name *
Student is (based on father)
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Parent One's Hebrew Name, Please indicate if unknown *
Parent One is *
Parent Two's Hebrew Name, Please indicate if unknown
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In the event of an emergency, does TBS-EV have permission to contact your child's doctor? *
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Does your child have any ongoing illness or health conditions? *
If yes, please describe.
Does you child take medication on  a regular basis? *
If yes, name of medication, dosage, frequency and length of time on this medication?
Name and number of prescribing doctor?
Do you give permission for the school to take your child to the hospital in an emergency when such action is advised by EMTs or hospital staff? *
Is your child on an Individual Education Plan (IEP)? *
If you child is on an IEP, please elaborate.
For School Directory, please indicate what information may be included. *
Family Name
Child's Name
Child's Phone Number
Parent One's Name
Parent One's email
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Parent Two's Name
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I am available to help *
Depends on the day/event, call and I''ll let you know
During relgious special events
Coordinate teacher gifts
Tutoring Hebrew
Help prepare Shabbat dinners at TBS
Help prepare kiddush lunch at TBS
Help with art projects
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