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The Front Porch - Rental Questionnaire
Hello! Thank you for your rental inquiry at The Front Porch. Please fill out this questionnaire to help us book your rental.
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Which space would you like to rent? *
What date(s) would you like to rent the space? *
What is the time frame of your event? (Please include time needed to set up and clean up.) *
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Is your event open to the public? *
How many people are you expecting? *
Will you be serving alcohol? NOTE: All renters must provide a copy of a banquet license from ABC in order to serve alcohol. If you are partnering with a vineyard/brewery, you must provide a copy of their offsite license. Contact us at if you want information about having Front Porch staff running your bar and using our ABC license. *
Will you be serving food? *
Will you be using one of the following Front Porch setup options for your space rental? All items listed are provided by Front Porch. These fees will be applied in addition to the main rental fee. (Note: these options only apply to the main event space.) *
We can provide the following items. Please check all that you need.
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