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Entry Submission Form - Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition 2019
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This tournament is broken into two parts, Tri-levels and Championships. The entrants who are
competing in the Championship level are vying to be named the Kingdom Arts and Sciences
champion. Each championship entrant must submit three entries from separate Arts and Sciences
categories, which will be judged at the advanced level.

The Arts and Sciences champion is determined by highest combined points from the scoring of
the three submitted entries. The winner is responsible for having their name and likeness added
to the scroll of honor which they will keep until the next Arts and Sciences Competition. The
champion will also receive a baldric to wear that marks them as the current Kingdom Arts and
Sciences champion.

Tri-Level competition is when the entrant is competing against the criteria for the item that they
have entered. The entrant can be judged at the Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced level. The
judges may ask the entry be judged at a higher level that entered based on the overall work.
There is competition is open to anyone, there are no AOA level restrictions with this tournament
like with Queens Prize.

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Please refer to for more information regarding the categories that are used in judging criteria for the Kingdom of Calontir. If competing in Championships, please select all categories that apply.
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