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Private Lessons Intro Special Appointment Form at Forever Dancing Ballroom
Congratulations! You just took your first and hardest step towards your new goal of learning how to dance well...Contacting us.
Our instructors will make your dance lessons into an easy, fun, effective,and very rewarding activity. This form will help our scheduling agent to set all your private lessons appointments at Forever Dancing Ballroom. She will be answering your request for private lessons within 48 hours, by email. No phone scheduling will be accepted. Before we start, here is something you need to know:

1- Dancing will change your life in a very positive way. Get mentally ready for the new you.
2- Dress code: Make your learning easier by bringing a smooth leather sole shoe. No black rubber sole or anti-grip material are allowed on our dance floor. If you really want to learn how to dance, consider buying a ballroom practice dance shoe. Wear clothing that allow body movement.If you do not have appropriate shoes, you may dance in socks.
3- The private lessons will take place on a dance floor shared with other instructors and students. The instructors will be sharing the sound system accordingly.
4- If you do not have a partner. The instructor will be your partner. If you have a partner, make sure your partner also have the same availability so we can set your appointments as a couple.
5- It normally takes few to several months to show the amazing results of our "Learn to Dance Well" method.
6- Please, use caution when presenting your potential scheduling times, as our goal is to provide you with our best service. We ask for 24 hours minimum for rescheduling an appointment. No cancellations within 24 hours to your appointment will be accepted, we appreciate your understanding.
7- Our school offers the finest instruction and most effective teaching method in town. The promotional lessons you will be taking are an unique opportunity for you to experience that.
8- Your lessons are 45 minutes long. You get 15 minutes free practice time prior or after your lessons.
9- Your instructor will design a specific plan for your skill level and goals. He/She may recommend group classes for you to attend. You can access the schedule of all Forever Dancing group classes and parties by visiting our website If you are a beginner, check for the days and times that the series of classes start so you can drop-in on the first class of a beginner level progressive series, or simply wait for the recommendation of your instructor after your first private appointment.

Now let's start...

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Days and timesTo make more effective the scheduling process, please gives as many options as possible. Example: any Tue from 3 to 8 PM, Any Sun from 10AM to noon, etc..
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Thanks for the opportunity to provide you with the finest instruction in town.
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