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Tiki Kon Presenter Application
Do you have a talk, workshop, slide show, or other presentation you'd like to give at Tiki Kon? Fill out this form, and a coordinator will get back to you.

We welcome presentations on all aspects of Tiki, but give priority to those that are most in line with our annual theme. For 2023, our theme name is "The Final Voyage." Conceptually it will be a retrospective of past Tiki Kon conferences, with an emphasis on the past decade. Speakers who have a history with the event or a connection to Pacific Northwest Tiki history are especially encouraged to apply, but we will entertain any topic related to the overall Tiki genre.

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Tiki Kon presentations are typically 45-60 minutes in length, including time for Q&A, depending on the subject matter. Workshops may be up to 90-120 minutes, depending on the activity.
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Advertising and product placement is not typically allowed in presentations without the express permission of Tiki Kon. The content must be engaging, and Products and brands represented must meet our high standards for applicability, quality, and reputation.
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What product, service, or brand are you representing?
If you answered Yes above, please tell us the product/service/brand and how it is represented in the presentation.
Recommended audience size
Our main symposium room seats about 250 attendees, with room for additional standees, and our workshop room can hold up to 50. We try to limit workshops to a manageable number depending on the activity and level of instruction being given. If there is a maximum audience size that you suggest for your presentation, please let us know.
Thank you!
Completing this form is not a guarantee your presentation will be accepted as part of the Tiki Kon symposium series. Final decisions will be made by our symposium coordinators based on the range of proposals received.

If you have any photos or sample slides from your presentation to support your proposal, please email them to us at, and put "Symposium proposal" in the subject line.

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