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Structural Competency Trainer Application
* Please read the instructions below *
Note: To be filled out only after attending a full-length (3 hours or more) structural competency training. If you have not attended an in-person training, you can watch the training videos at 

Dear potential Structural Competency trainer,

The goal of this application is to help our existing team of trainers understand your interest and relevant experience in becoming a trainer with the Structural Competency Working Group.  We seek trainers who:
(a) Share our vision and sense of purpose.
(b) Represent diverse profesional and personal perspectives and experiences.
(c) Will be able to follow through with the process of becoming a trainer and participating in our co-facilitated trainings.

Please be honest and direct- we are most interested in getting a sense for the above, rather than judging writing style or length of responses.  Brief or more extensive responses are welcome.  

As some questions are potentially overlapping, we encourage you to read all the questions before you start answering.

We accept applications from potential trainers on a rolling basis.  Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,
The SCWG Leadership Team
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Which full length (3+ hours) Structural Competency Training have you attended? If "other," please specify the month/year and location.   *
We develop and implement structural competency trainings for healthcare providers. Please tell us why you would like to join us in this effort. Is there anything you hope to gain from participating in the SCWG? *
What is your relationship to healthcare? What experience, if any, do you have as a provider, patient, advocate, or researcher?  If applicable, please include your field/discipline, institution, and years working or stage of training. If you work in a non-healthcare field, please tell us about that. *
What if any background do you have with facilitation, training or teaching?  We are particularly interested in any experience you have with co-facilitation, as we typically do our trainers with 2 or more trainers.                                                                                                           *
What if any background do you have with social sciences (e.g. sociology, anthropology)? What experience, if any, do you have as a student, teacher, or researcher in this area? We are particularly interested in any background in this area as related to health and medicine.   *
Thus far, the Structural Competency Working Group has been a collaborative and entirely volunteer-run group. If you've worked in groups like this before, what were the pros and cons? If not, what do you imagine the pros and cons of this approach might be? *
For the sustainability of our group, we generally ask that potential trainers make a minimum one-year commitment to the process of becoming a trainer. How long do you anticipate working with the group? If less than a year, please describe your situation. *
Thank you for your interest in joining us! Is there anything else you would like to share?
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