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Summer Survivor 4 oz
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Label Image: Summer Survivor 4 oz
Summer Survivor Herbal Spray 4 oz: 6 bottles
Summer Survivor is classified by the EPA in the category of 'Minimal Risk Pesticide' and as such, has not been evaluated by the EPA for effectiveness. For more information see: Shipping: Free
Qty 6
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Summer Survivor 130ml: 12 bottles
Shipping: Free
Qty: 12
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Black Mitcham Peppermint Oil 30ml: Glass dispensing bottle
Due to having a large surplus of this hard to find peppermint variety (most growers sell all their stock to Japan where they can get a premium price for it), to reduce our stock we decided to offer it in retail quantities. Non-GMO. Grown in Canada. Shipping: Free When ordered as an add-on item
Qty: 1
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Black Mitcham Peppermint Oil 15ml: Glass dispensing bottle
Non-GMO. Grown in Canada. Shipping: Free When ordered as an add-on item
Qty: 1
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