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Marina Bay Carnival Dance in the Public Challenge
Eligibility Condition:

- There is no age limit for this challenge. Participants under 18 years of age will have to seek parental consent.

- There are no restrictions on nationalities for this event. Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents (PRs) and Foreigners may apply.

Participation Process:

1. To participate, interested parties will be required to register via Google Forms.

2. To register, they would have to complete an application form with their personal details (full name as per NRIC, NRIC number, email address, local handphone number, and address minimally), emergency contact details and provide the song choice in accordance to the dance routine.

3. The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival Organising Committee will check through each application to ensure that it meets all guidelines set in place.

4. Organising committee will then contact relevant parties to allocate specific dates and timeslots. Participating groups will be provided further guidelines on designated areas that are allocated for filming and any rules governing its usage.

5. Once agreed upon, participating groups will head down to the Marina Bay Carnival at the specific dates and timeslots allocated and start filming their dance video. Each group will only be given 30 minutes for recording their performance and participants will adhere to any rules governing the usage of specified areas in the carnival.

6. Participating groups will then have 5 days to edit the video before submitting the final video to the Organising Committee for the committee to ensure every group has the same number of days to edit the video for fairness purposes. The video submitted to the committee must be exactly the same as the video they post on their social media for the competition.

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