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Call for Evidence - London Hearing
1. Please submit your evidence as an email attachment to by Friday September 21, 2018.
• Please indicate clearly which organisation you are submitting evidence for or from.
• Please provide contact details for yourself or the person in your organisation who can be contacted about your evidence.
Responses should take no more than one sheet of A4 paper in relation to each issue addressed (which should be clearly stated at the top).

2. Or FILL in the form below
Please read hereunder the issues and requirements

We are seeking evidence from concerned organisations which addresses any aspect of the issues raised in the indictment, summarised as follows:
• Visa policies which severely restrict legal rights to enter and stay in the UK for work;
• Extortionate fees for issue and renewal of documentation;
• Employer sanctions and the requirement for proof of work rights;
• The ‘no recourse to public funds’ rule;
• Immigration rules and policy which treat domestic workers as the property of their employer;
• Denial/ restriction of work for asylum seekers;
• Refusal to grant any form of status to refused asylum seekers who cannot be removed;
• Detention for removal of homeless migrants including EEA migrants;
• Raids on workplaces;
• Criminalising unauthorised work and confiscation of wages;
• Inadequately resourcing the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority’s (GLAA) ability to enforce decent working conditions, and joint raids with immigration enforcement;
• Removal of legal aid for advice, assistance and representation in most immigration and all employment cases;
• Exemption of immigration removal centres from minimum wage legislation;
• The provision of no-choice, often squalid asylum accommodation to asylum seekers;
• The impossibly small weekly allowance provided to asylum seekers;
• The ‘right to rent’ laws requiring landlords to check immigration status before renting out accommodation;
• Rules and policy requiring NHS staff to check immigration status before providing treatment;
• Rules excluding most migrants from free NHS hospital care;
• Restrictive family unity rules for non-EAA (European Economic Area) migrants, resulting in long-term separation;
• Creation of a culture of suspicion against those who do not look or sound British;
• Exposure of children to particular hardship within the control system;
• Contracts for security corporations enabling them to profit from the surveillance, detention and control of migrants.

WHOM are we seeking responses from:
We welcome responses from migrants working in all sectors of the economy, and/or from unions or associations representing migrants, giving brief details of the sector and the conditions of work, and of any actions taken by workers to improve conditions.
You are welcome to address as many of the issues above, or as few, as they wish.

We would be grateful for evidence structured around the following questions:
• How have you, or your members or clients etc been affected by the issue you are addressing?
• Please give specific examples.
• What remedies do you think are needed for this issue? To what extent were/ are these remedies available?
• What other important points would you like to raise in relation to this issue?

What we will do with the evidence
Your evidence will feature as public testimony on the issues raised in the indictment, and will be published on the Tribunal’s website. If you are an individual and wish your evidence to remain confidential to the Tribunal, and not to be published as a part of this record, please say so at the head of your submission. If you are submitting evidence from an organisation, we will assume that you will not provide names of persons affected, or details of specific cases in such a way that individuals can be identified, without their explicit consent. If you wish to anonymise the evidence please make this clear.

Thank you for considering this request for evidence. After reading all the written evidence, the convenors will be providing summaries to the Tribunal members, who will wish to call some witnesses to give oral testimony during the public hearing, which is scheduled for 3-4 November, 2018. If you do not want to be asked to give oral evidence, please make this clear in your response.

If you have any queries arising from this call for evidence please contact us at

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How have you, or your members or clients, been affected by the issue you are addressing?
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Please give specific examples.
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What remedies do you think are needed for this issue?
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To what extent were/ are these remedies available?
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What other important points would you like to raise in relation to this issue?
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