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Bethesda Fine Arts Festival: Call for Volunteers (May 11 - 12)
The Bethesda Urban Partnership will host the 16th annual Bethesda Fine Arts Festival on May 11 and 12, 2019. 120+ artists from throughout the country will display and sell their work along Norfolk and Auburn Avenues in Bethesda's Woodmont Triangle.

More than 20,000 attendees will enjoy the festival and we need your support to make this event a great success. Help from volunteers is an essential part of Bethesda Urban Partnership's exciting festivals.

We are recruiting for the following positions:

Set-Up Team
Saturday, May 11, 8am - 11am

The set-up team assists with distributing artist signs, setting out table cloths, etc.

Booth Volunteers
Saturday, May 11, 11am-1pm; 1pm-3pm; 3pm-5pm
Sunday, May 12, 11am-1pm; 1pm-3pm; 3pm-5pm

The artists have a long weekend and appreciate the help of volunteers who can offer them a 15 minute break away from their booth. We ask that booth volunteers mind artists' tents while they take a brief bathroom or lunch break. This is important as many of the artists travel alone and have no one to watch their space when they need a break. Additionally, we may ask booth volunteers to pass out water to artists.

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Set-Up Team (Saturday, 8-11am)
Booth Volunteer (Saturday 11am-1pm)
Booth Volunteer (Saturday 1-3pm)
Booth Volunteer (Saturday 3-5pm)
Booth Volunteer (Sunday 11am-1pm)
Booth Volunteer (Sunday 1-3pm)
Booth Volunteer (Sunday 3-5pm)
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