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Huckleberry Finn Audition Form
Thank you for helping our Huckleberry Finn production team get a head start on auditions.
Auditions will be held on Sunday, February 23rd from 3-6:00 pm and on Monday, February 24th from 6:30-9:00 pm. Callbacks (if needed) will be held on Tuesday, February 25th at 6:30 pm.
Please come prepared to read sides and perform a memorized one-minute monologue.
If you have specific questions after reading through this audition form, you can contact us at
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Questions for actors under age 18
Question for actors under age 18: Do you receive texts at your number?
Question for actors under age 18: What are your parents' or guardians' phone numbers?
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Question for actors under age 18: Do your parents or guardians receive texts at their numbers?
Question for actors under age 18: What are your parents' or guardians' email addresses?
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Minor Information: Please note that if the actor is under the age of 16, a parent or guardian will be required to attend rehearsals and performances with the minor child.
Question for actors under age 16: Is your parent or guardian able to attend all rehearsals and performances with you?
Question for actors under age 16: If you answered 'no' or 'maybe' on the above question, please explain.
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Question for actors under age 16: Please let us know what time you need to leave rehearsal each night.
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You will be required to be at the following rehearsals and performances:
Tech Week Begins: Thursday, April 9, 6:30 pm - TBD
Friday, April 10, Saturday, April 11, & Sunday, April 12, (Easter Weekend) - NO REHEARSAL (FYI)
Monday, April 13, 5:30 pm - TBD
Dress Rehearsal - Tuesday, April 14, 5:30 pm -TBD
Final Dress Rehearsal - Thursday, April 15, 5:30 pm - TBD

Show Performances: We have 7:30 pm shows on Friday, April 17 (call time 5:30 pm),
Saturday, April 18,
Friday, April 24,
Saturday, April 25,
Friday, May 1,
Saturday, May 2,
and a 3 pm matinee on Sunday May 3 (call time 1:00 pm) followed by Strike and our cast party.
Can you make it to every date mentioned above? *
If you answered 'no' or 'maybe' on the above question, please explain.
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We will begin rehearsals on Monday, March 9th with a meet & greet and read-through. Rehearsals will be primarily on Sunday afternoons, Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, and Thursday evenings. *Not everyone will be needed for every rehearsal. We endeavor to be wise stewards of your time.*
Please list any conflicts on Sunday afternoons, Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday evenings between March 9 and April 16. *
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Do you have any relevant skills or training that you want us to know about?
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If you are not cast, are you interested in being a part of our crew? *
How did you hear about these auditions? *
This show is set in the early 1800s. Are you willing to dye your hair, remove piercings, cover tattoos, change facial hair, and/or wear wigs if asked? *
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