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London Marathon Brasher Place Application From
If you are interested in running the London marathon for CUH&H, and do not have another way of getting a place, we have  8-10 places (subject to change) to award to our members to race the Varsity Marathon against Oxford. We will give priority to those who tried and failed to get a place through the ballot, and, as these places are for the race against Oxford, we will also select based on predicted finish time.
Taking part in club events such as cross country this term, and generally showing commitment to CUH&H may also influence selection. In particular, racing Varsity Cross Country for CUH&H (there is an open race) will have a significant impact on selection.
Note that CUH&H does not pay for race entry.
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Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish Athletics Affiliation will also work. You can check if you have EA affiliation here: by entering your name and date of birth. You can get EA affiliation through CUH&H if you don't have it through another club - email lh569 at if you want EA affiliation through CUH&H.
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Feel free to put a range of times.
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Please put here any other information that you think may affect your chances of selection - any race performances that won't appear on PowerOf10, for example, or why you think your predicted time is reasonable.
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