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Exercise in Gratitude: A Gifts Survey 2018
The people who make up this family of faith are rich in gifts. From this place of abundance and bounty, we invite you to ponder the particularity of your giftedness and your willingness to share your gifts of time and talent with our congregation. What do you have? What is overflowing in you? What are you curious about and interested in exploring? What would it be a joy for you to share?

By no means comprehensive, below are many and varied concrete ways to plug into the life of our congregation and share your gifts. At the end of the survey, you’ll have a chance to name gifts of yours that may not appear here, and share with us a vision of how you might share from your abundance with our community. The boxes you check to not commit you to the activity but do give Discipleship Council the ability to share your name with pastors and others who can start a conversation help you learn more or make an invitation.
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