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2018-2019 Joint School Welfare Union Member School Registration Form
1.This registration form is for ELECTED CABINETS only.
2. Tags for @jswuhk on the posts are compulsory in case the Cabinet uses the welfare for promotion.
3.The entrance of joining the membership of JSWU is FREE-OF-CHARGE for this year.
4.Provision of contact number of the teacher in charge is compulsory.
5.It is COMPULSARY for cabinets to fill in the application form and hand in TWO SIGNED hard copies of the contract to us during the Member School Registration Days.
6.Member schools could decide the amount of the membership cards ordered.
7.A warning letter will be received and a penalty of $300 MUST be paid for compensation if member schools fail to comply with the terms of the contract.
8.Please contact Serena Au (9816 0077) or Timothy Cheng (9549 3880) for further details or in case there are any enquiries.
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