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La Crosse SOUP Application
Thank you for your interest in La Crosse SOUP. Please contact us at with any questions.
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If SOUP funds exceed your project's cost, what will you do with the extra money? *
What will you do if the cost of your project exceeds the money raised at SOUP? *
If your project idea needs approval from another organization, business or entity of the City of La Crosse, have you already sought approval and had those conversations? *
If yes, who did you talk to?
Will you, or another representative, be able to attend and present your project the night of SOUP? *
I agree to the following SOUP commitment: La Crosse SOUP expects the winning pitches to provide updates on their projects. Three months after SOUP, we will want a written update on your project to post on our website. Six months after your pitch we will expect someone to give an update at a SOUP event. If you have concerns about this expectation, please contact us at before submitting your pitch. *
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